Process Control and Plant Automation

Process Control and Plant Automation are vital elements of any Energy from Waste plant, whether this be the control of the energy conversion process itself or the automation of a material recovery facility. Siemens provides a standardised approach to both the continuous and discrete worlds of plant control and automation based on a standard hardware platform and open network systems such as Profibus designed to add value to the operation of the plant.

High availability DCS systems offer the required plant up times, whilst the ability to combine safety and standard communications on one network significantly reduces commissioning to achieve a fully validated safety system without any additional hardware. A standardised approach means that you can minimise the operational expenditure of the plant over the life of the control system. This is achieved through open network systems such as Profibus, easy integration of products such as instrumentation, intelligent motor controls and variable speed drives to give full plant diagnostics and provide the operator with information to make informed, predictive maintenance decisions. The ability to route down to devices in the field means that the plant can be monitored and controlled from a central location or remotely via the internet.