Financial Services

Investment in Energy from Waste technology has become an economic imperative for many organisations.

In order to maximise the return on investment Siemens offers financing solutions flexible enough to deal with the design, installation and commissioning of plants as well as the plant components. In fact the whole Siemens solution can normally be financed.

Siemens offers a range of innovative finance mechanisms to public sector, private companies and other special purpose ventures that can support Energy from Waste projects, including equipment finance, leasing, larger scale project finance schemes and debt financing.

The benefits of using Siemens Financial Services as an alternative or even complementary method of capital for an Energy from Waste initiative are:
• your own capital remains available for alternative opportunities
• existing funding lines remain untouched or are relieved of the full financial commitment
• financing can be closely linked to a project‘s payback period - enhancing the return on investment
• installation costs, associated and related equipment can be included
• we can contribute to either a club of financial providers, as part of a mix or work on a stand alone basis
• the reassurance that we are completely aligned with and a specialist in working with Siemens solutions