Changing the way customers see and use airports

At the heart of all airport processes is the smooth and efficient facilitation of passenger flow through an airport. However, in times when security constraints reduce capacities and process speeds, and airports increasingly need to tap passengers for additional non-aeronautical revenues, passenger process support develops entirely new dimensions.

The Sipax passenger process support suite represents a paradigm shift in the way passengers are treated. Passengers appreciate being treated as individuals with very personalized services, information provision and orientation, and make deliberate choices in favor of their preferred airports. Increasingly, airline passengers are becoming ‘customers’ in the true sense of the word and are more than willing to make extensive use of offers made to them at the right time and place.

Sipax consists of a specific passenger relationship management database  plus additional modules ranging from personalized notification, mobile services such as mobile check-in and passenger loyalty and frequent traveler options, to localization, location-based services, terminal navigation and biometric process support to make the necessary security checks as swift and hassle-free as possible.
Sipax also includes SHSS eGates, our solution for automatic border controls that is with immigration authorities.

We are expanding services such as these over time as part of a forward-looking and highly flexible Airport Integration Platform, which integrates various data sources and stakeholders within and outside the airport, including the airport administration itself, airlines, concessionaires, immigration, and customs authorities.