Independent Airport IT Systems

Software systems supporting every aspect of airport operations

Airport Integration Platform (AIP)

Siemens is sought after not only as a provider of sophisticated airport solutions but also as a strictly product- and vendor-neutral advisor, implementation partner, systems integrator and operator of individual systems and entire IT environments.

A key element of this strategy and of our global capability is our own Airport Integration Platform (AIP). We have developed an entire library of systems and process adapters that can be flexibly deployed to multiple systems, making system integration far less complex and much faster and cheaper to deploy and maintain – whether we're integrating a Siemens or any other third-party system. The adapters contain most of the business process rules necessary for systems integration and are thus much more than just physical/logical connections; rather, they provide the means to flexibly design processes across multiple systems and information sources.


Once any system has been installed, tested and properly documented, we offer our clients the opportunity to offload tedious routine tasks in daily operation and maintenance – from basic desktop services all the way to complete I&C outsourcing. We have ample capacity, plenty of experience and a lot of specific aviation know-how, to offer not only bespoke functionality on a low-cost basis but also data center service, application management services and much more.

With our signature SieQuence approach to continuous improvement in a customer engagement  lifecycle, we join forces with our clients from an initial contract for desktop services, application management or data centre services through further stages of optimisation and transformation of systems landscapes, all the way to full provision of I&C services under KPI-oriented  performance-based contracts.

ERP @ Airports

One of the core competencies of Siemens IT Solutions and Services is the implementation and integration of SAP-based enterprise resource planning solutions. Beyond the efficient and versatile implementation of standard functionalities such as financials, controlling, human resources and logistics, we have developed specific and dedicated expertise in realising airport-specific solutions. These include integrated and seamless aeronautical billing with an immediate use of operational (AODB) data, non-aeronautical billing, real estate management rentals and concessions, and elaborate planning using SAP's BI (Business Intelligence) modules.

Additional IT solutions

The entire portfolio of Siemens IT solutions includes many other systems which can only be mentioned here briefly and with few examples.

  • SieVAs – a video analytics system that allows the immediate use of existing or new CCTV systems to analyze video data for security or crowd management.

  • KRIMA – our own crisis management system that allows for proactive crisis prevention and immediate, structured and predictable reaction to unexpected events of any kind.

  • Condis – a very powerful solution that provides an online and up-to-date inventory and active status monitoring and management of all kinds of physical networks (power, communication, etc.)

  • @ctive Friend – the logical follow-up to managing physical infrastructures with elaborate and extensive monitoring and management of all active IT or control components

  • cRSP – the common remote service platform allows for structured and controllable remote access to various systems