Siemens Airport Management & Siamos Operations Suite

Seamless support – from seasonal and operative planning to ongoing optimization of operations

Thanks to extensive experience in other sectors – such as railways, logistics or power supply networks – Siemens has already developed and tested numerous successful concepts for managing complex processes, including numerous software projects for airport operators. Based on this know-how, Siemens developed Siamos, a modular software solution that offers seamless support to the airport industry – from seasonal and operative planning right through to ongoing optimization of operations (day of operation). Siamos is also a highly valuable tool in the subsequent assessment of performance and for analyzing and diagnosing operational weaknesses. Siamos can therefore be used not only to monitor ongoing processes, but also to forecast their future development.

Siamos Airport Management System (AMS)

The Siamos AMS package combines the following software applications: Seasonal and Operational Flight Planning (SFP / OFP) and our Airport Resources Management System (RMS). Planning can be conducted seamlessly up to the day of operation and forms the backbone of airport resource allocation.

Siamos Airport Operational Data Base (AODB)

The Oracle-based AODB is the foundation software for all Airport Management Applications products: a state-of-the-art, fully scalable, complex solution combining the highest level of security with real-time performance. The main function of the AODB is to plan operations, store the information in a single shared database and make it available, together with any updates, to everybody concerned.

Siamos Airport Process Integration Platform (APIP)

Siamos is based on the Airport Process Integration Platform in conjunction with the Airport Operational Database (AODB).

Siamos Total Operations Planner (TOP)

Optimization for the future

Siamos Airport Operations Control Center (APOC)

APOC significantly improves the decision-making process by creating a centralized Airport Operations Control Center.

Siamos Baggage Management Solutions (BMS)

  • Baggage Base IT (Siemens IT platform for BHS)

  • Baggage IT retrofit for Siemens BHS HW and other vendors

  • With and without PLC Control

  • Baggage reconciliation systems

  • Baggage tracking and tracing solutions for airports and airlines

Cargo Handling Software Solutions (Sicargo)

Siemens offers a variety of software solutions for cargo handling:

  • Cargo Management System (Sicargo CMS)

  • End-to-end cargo management SW including cargo warehouse management, cargo control, and material flow

  • Cargo Compact (Sicargo CCS), a light version for the management of smaller manual or semi-automatic operated storage systems

  • Cargo Man Easy (Sicargo CME) Easy ULD movement and inventory solution for manual HUBs

  • Cargo Box (Sicargo CBX) Easy cargo inventory solution for manual HUBs

Siamos Flight Information Display System (Fids)

When it comes to providing valuable information for passengers and guiding them to their gates in time, no airport can do without a flight information display system (Fids). The innovative feature of the Siemens Fids is that it can also be used for advertising and for smart passenger guidance. As Part of the Siemens Airports Management and Operations Suite (SIAMOS), the Fids offers a range of advanced features and can be operated on a stand-alone basis as an airport operational database. The Siemens Fids, backed by 24/7 service support, has earned the trust of operators at major airports throughout the world.

Additional Components

  • Check-in systems

  • Air traffic handling

  • Airport communication, navigation, surveillance (CNS) infrastructure