Düsseldorf Airport

Jet-speed leasing


Düsseldorf International: "Düsseldorf International" is not just Germany’s third largest airport: it is also its best – at least according to the readers of “Capital” magazine in the spring of 2004. In order to live up to its good reputation, constant new investments and an operation that runs as smoothly as possible are important.

The project

In terms of financing, the airport puts its faith in a partner that acts and makes quick decisions in an unbureaucratic and targeted way that matches its own: Siemens Finance & Leasing. When the Düsseldorf Airport Company decided at short notice to install a new baggage conveyor system, Siemens Logistics & Assembly Systems were chosen for the technical implementation. Assembly of the technically complex solution, which was customized to fit the requirements in Düsseldorf, was slated to begin in just a few months. At the same time, the search was on for the optimal financing solution. The customer wished to sign and confirm the contract before assembly began.

This allowed Siemens Finance & Leasing to truly prove its flexibility and quick reaction – by delivering on-time conditioning, credit assessment and adjustment of the leasing contract chosen to fit the requirements that an infrastructure investment in a dynamic environment entails.

Customer benefits

At a glance – leasing at Düsseldorf Airport

  • Quick adjustment to schedules and technical specifications

  • Helps airport concentrate on core business

  • Smooth cooperation by employing short decision-making processes and giving quick commitments

Quotation Thomas Schnalke, managing director, Düsseldorf International Airport

We have to constantly invest in order to remain attractive for passengers and airlines and in order to expand our competitive edge. We therefore expect a financing solution to take a load off our back. And of course, the personal chemistry has to be right, too.

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