Airside Operations

Ground handling

Ground handling at an airport is one of the most complex and time-critical processes in the entire industry. Multiple parties work on the same task, and so even a slight delay in a single activity can lead to a substantial waste of resources and multiple delays within the entire system. This level of interdependency means that it is vital for all activities and resources of ground handling to be planned carefully and managed flexibly.

Our IT systems support this complex task by maintaining up-to-date flight information, long-term and pre-operation planning resources, managing activities in real time with immediate and accumulated data reporting, and promptly communicating the correct, current and necessary information to any party involved.

Airplane navigation and ground monitoring

Our innovative Digital Graffiti solution is safer and more accurate than traditional ground radar. Not to mention cheaper. This is because airports and air traffic control systems no longer need expensive hardware such as ground radar, sensors and other receiving equipment.

Virtual fencing

How can you ensure that people and objects move only within the areas assigned to them? Do you want to protect high-security areas more efficiently? All while remaining within your personnel and cost budgets? Then Virtual Fencing is the solution you need.