Airport Fueling Systems

Our highly automated and efficient fuelling services manage everything from storage to delivery

Siemens has been active for many years in the world of aviation fuelling. We offer a range of solutions from basic design to services. Building on our success at international airports such as Brussels, Athens, Luxembourg and Bangalore, Siemens is able to provide standard solutions. This results in highly competitive offers combined with the highest possible standards.

A short overview of our portfolio:

  • Tank terminals

  • Hydrant systems

  • Into-plane services

Siemens solutions meet your operational targets:

  • Safe operation: e.g., identifying alarm conditions / shut down

  • Prevention of spills: avoiding over-filling of tanks or vehicles

  • Control functions: e.g., hydrant pumps to meet changing fuel demand

  • Protection of plant and equipment: e.g., avoiding pump operation under no-flow conditions

  • Correct operating procedures: e.g., the operator can open a tank's outlet valve after he has confirmed that the correct sampling and tank release procedures have been completed

  • Reduction of the operator's workload: e.g., automated start and stop of the emptying pump for an underground product connection tank in response to high and low level alarms

  • Reduction of the operator's control room workload: e.g., automating paperwork processes by providing an interface to the plant data for third-party commercial systems

  • Detection of leaks: typically from underground pipe work, pump shaft seals, etc.

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