Siemens Airport Center

An Airport without Aircraft – integrated solutions presented at the Siemens Airport Center

Our unique Siemens Airport Center offers our clients the opportunity to see at first hand how our products, systems and services work. Additionally, while a project is being implemented the Airport Center provides an ideal platform for testing and customer training. Finally, the Airport Center functions as a laboratory in which to initiate and develop innovative new ideas such as green and efficient solutions for airports.

The center replicates a complete airport – just without aircraft and runways. That is how the press described the Siemens Airport Center (SAC), where Siemens presents its integrated portfolio for airports and airlines. Over a period of only eight months Siemens invested millions to build the Siemens Airport Center on a 9,000-square-meter site. The company has created about 100 jobs in the process. The SAC, which is located in Fürth (Germany), fulfils four main functions:


An area where customers can experience integrated airport processes “live”


A test center for ongoing customer projects


A center for the development of comprehensive airport innovations and cutting-edge integrated solutions.


A training center for customers and employees

An airport without Aircraft – integrated solutions presented at the Siemens Airport Center

The SAC is a showcase example of how Siemens groups have joined forces to present the company’s integrated airport portfolio “under one roof”. Visitors will not see boring trade show displays but rather functioning products and solutions, including biometric security systems such as 3D face scanners and fingerprint scanners, a complete baggage handling system, and the Airport Operation Center, which houses all the control panels of an airport.