Energy-Efficient Products and Services

Energy-efficient products, systems, and solutions for achieving highest energy-efficiency: As one of the world’s leading suppliers of automation and drive technology, we offer you a unique portfolio of energy-saving products. Our range covers the entire energy management process and provides you with full support in the three phases of identification, evaluation and realisation.


SIMATIC Powerrate

SIRIUS Energy-Efficient industrial controls

Switch to energy efficiency! We offer a comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient switching and protection devices as well as communication-capable motor and soft starters.

SIMOGEAR Getriebemotoren

SIMOGEAR Energy-Efficient geared motors

All common types such as helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel geared motors are represented in the SIMOGEAR product series. Thanks to their market-standard connection dimensions, they are fully compatible with many other manufacturers of geared motors.

SITOP Stromversorgung

SITOP power supplies

Profit from high efficiencies and low no-load losses. With SITOP we can provide you with controlled power supplies that offer numerous advantages compared with uncontrolled power supplies.

SINAMICS Frequenzumrichter

SINAMICS Energy-Efficient drives

With our frequency converters for all applications, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of user-friendly equipment – including converters with energy recovery.

Energieeffiziente Motoren

SIMOTICS Energy-Efficient motors

With our extensive portfolio of different efficiency classes, voltages and power ratings we can offer you energy-saving motors for all requirements.


SIMOCODE pro for Efficient Energy Management

The motor management system provides the transparent visualisation of the energy consumption of a combination motor controller and supplies measured data to superior energy management systems.



Energy Management with SIMATIC

Are you aware of the energy drains in your plant? Energy management with SIMATIC powerrate and SIMATIC B.Data helps you in making energy flows visible in production plants and derive the matching, important energy savings potential.

SENTRON Powermanager

Energy monitoring software SENTRON Powermanager

The standard package of our energy monitoring software SENTRON powermanager already allows you to implement energy management with functions such as provision and evaluation of various measured values, and to monitor these values quickly and easily.


Siemens Financial Services

Service for Maximum Energy Efficiency

How efficient is the power supply in your company? How can you reduce emissions? We are your trusted consulting partner for energy efficiency and meeting eco-standards, two key business success factors.


Siemens Metals Technologies

Siemens Metals Technologies offers technologies for energy recovery as well as energy efficient plants. Our energy management makes energy flows visible and helps you to derive the matching, important energy savings potential.


Financial Services

Investing in energy efficiency - using savings to fund financing. A way to protect the environment and reward companies.