Energy management system

Continuously increasing energy efficiency

Successful energy management leads to increased efficiency in every plant. It is important here to consider the overall energy balance. Studies have shown that even on production-free weekends, a factory’s energy requirement can still be up to 60 percent of the consumption during regular operating hours. This is precisely where an energy management system comes in. Individual processes can be run down or stopped completely through intelligent control when they are not needed. In addition, in order to avoid losses during stand-by, it is recommended that plants or parts of plants are disconnected completely from the power supply by means of switchgear and protection equipment. Our switchgear and protection equipment with integrated measurement functionality is used for this purpose in exactly the same way as our communication-enabled circuit breakers, to provide a transparent picture of the overall plant consumption. Multifunction meters precisely record energy data and the energy management system with its integrated power management software performs an energy-optimised controlling of all loads.