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Get your business P272 ready, half hourly metering services for corporate and industrial customers

Non-domestic electricity consumers are generally fitted with half hourly meters (sometimes referred to as HH meters), which provide a more accurate picture of your energy use. They record your energy consumption every half hour and relay this data to your energy supplier so you receive a bill for the precise amount of energy you’ve used.

All organisations with a supply greater than 100kW* must be fitted with a half hourly meter and appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) for your site. This is mandated within the Balancing and Settlement Code which sets down the governance arrangements for electricity supply in Great Britain.

Siemens is a fully accredited Meter Operator, Data Collector and Data Aggregator, which means we’re able to supply, install and maintain your half hourly metering and communications equipment. We work nationwide and are completely independent so we work with all energy suppliers and agents.

*From April 2016 industry regulations are changing (known as P272). This will mean that all non-domestic customers (including those who consume less than 100kW) must have their electricity use settled on a half hourly basis.

What is a Meter Operator?

A meter operator is responsible for installing and maintaining all metering and communications equipment.

A meter operator agreement or (sometimes referred to as a MOP contract) is a legal requirement for all half hourly electricity supplied meters. This contract covers the supply of the meter, maintenance and the necessary telecommunications for sending your consumption data to your energy supplier.

What is a data collector and data aggregator?

A data collector (sometimes referred to as DC) retrieves your meter readings via a remote communications link.

A data aggregator (sometimes referred to as DA) takes this data and validates it so it can be used for billing and settlement purposes, in accordance with industry requirements.

Usually the data collector and data aggregator are the same company although this is not essential.

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