Energy Management UKEnergy Management UK

Smart and traditional metering services for energy retailers.

Siemens has extensive experience and expertise in providing residential utility services.

Our core capabilities are:

Field Services

Smart Metering Field Services

Data Management

Data Management


Smart Energy Monitoring Apps

Siemens is one of the country’s largest independent providers of fully managed metering field services to independent Energy retailers. We have a skilled workforce that operates nationwide, which is supported by the latest technology, 24/7 back office support and hosted IT systems.

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Siemens provides high volume data management services to several large energy suppliers and utility companies; and we are accredited by Elexon for data collection and data validation.

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The Siemens Smart Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile application enables customers to manage all elements of their energy supply, from topping up to monitoring usage – all on one platform. It enables individuals to top-up their electricity and gas meter how they want, when they want and where they want. Customers can top-up in a number of ways - online, on their smart phone app, by text message, or, if they prefer, in-store or by telephone.

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Gas Prepayment

Gas Prepayment Systems and Management


Water Usage Metering

Siemens owns and operates the UK’s gas prepayment network that’s used by all major energy suppliers.

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Siemens is a leading independent provider of water metering services in the UK.

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