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Networks Metering

Siemens is an accredited CVA meter operator, Siemens provides a complete end-to-end solution for networks metering from installation through to operation.

At our dedicated facility, we provide an end to end solution from design through to manufacture, test, installation, configuration, commissioning, support and maintenance for the life of the system. We also operate a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory that ensures meters are calibrated to provide highly accurate measurement. Periodic meter calibration checks can also be performed at our laboratory or on site as required.

Our solutions are used by National Grid, ABB, GE (Alstom), Mitsubishi and power stations both large and small, throughout the UK. Offshore capabilities mean that we can also provide our full range of services to large offshore wind farm installations where the substations are located out at sea.

Our core fields of expertise are:

COP1 and COP2

CoP1 and CoP2 Precision Measurement

High Accuracy Gas

High Accuracy Gas

Renewable Generation

Renewable Generation Metering

Siemens is a leading provider of high quality metering solutions for the precision measurement of energy in large capacity circuits above 100MVA (UK Code of Practice 1/ CoP1) and above 10MVA (UK Code of Practice 2/ CoP2).

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Siemens has a dedicated team, which provides bespoke project management, design, supply and servicing for high pressure gas metering and gas quality systems.

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Renewable generation facilities like wind arrays, solar farms and energy from waste facilities can produce large revenue streams but even minor errors in the measurement system can have significant financial implications.

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