Commercial and Industrial services

Siemens is an established, independent meter operator accredited for all of your commercial metering services, including half-hourly, non-half hourly data collection and data aggregation.

Our metering solutions cover all utility types and allow you to understand, in detail, exactly how much gas or electricity is being consumed and where, helping you to identify potential areas for improvement.

Using our energy management software, Vestigo, and deploying sub-meters across your site will help you to understand your energy consumption in even greater detail.

Siemens unrivalled technology and industry knowledge ensure that your energy use is managed with maximum accuracy and efficiency; and the fact we’ve been operating in this industry for more than 170 years means you know you’re dealing with a credible and competent service provider.

Our core fields of expertise are:

Energy management

Energy management

Sub Metering

Sub metering

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Metering services

Siemens’ energy management software Vestigo and Energy Bureau can help your organisation to reduce your consumption, meet your regulatory obligations and minimize your carbon footprint.

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Find out where you can make savings on your energy usage

Your main electricity or gas meter will give you a picture of your overall energy consumption but it does not reveal where that energy is being used or what it’s being used for. Sub-meters (also known as secondary meters) are installed downstream from your primary meter to give you a better understanding of your energy use and to show you where there may be scope to make savings.

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Metering for corporate and industrial customers

Non-domestic electricity consumers are generally fitted with half hourly meters (sometimes referred to as HH meters), which provide a more accurate picture of your energy use. They record your energy consumption every half hour and relay this data to your energy supplier so you receive a bill for the precise amount of energy you’ve used.

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