Operation and maintenance


There comes a time when decisions have to be made regarding the options available to ensure continued reliability of your system. At the point of original installation and during its operational lifetime we can provide a range of maintenance services designed to maximise the useful life of your equipment.

We fully recognise the importance of minimising disruption and will always work with you to create a comprehensive service schedule suited for your needs. Reliability and condition based maintenance in conjunction with our non-intrusive inspection techniques will provide the basis for eliminating unscheduled downtime.

Our maintenance service covers everything from older equipment at specified time intervals, through to condition-based maintenance with lifetime cover. Should you choose our life cycle service you will be provided with the added convenience and security of having specialist partners monitor your equipment during all phases of its life.

Through thermal imaging, oil sampling and partial discharge testing we are able to detect failures and potential faults early. You can be confident that through regular inspection and maintenance your equipment will remain in prime condition. As specialists in electrical fault-finding and mechanical and electrical servicing of switchgear, we will continually provide reports and recommendations regarding the condition of equipment.