Reyrolle LMT Retrofit Switchgear

30 October 2014

As the origional equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Reyrolle equipment, the LMT retrofit has been specifically designed for customers to seamlessly interface with their existing Reyrolle panels replacing outdated oil or SF₆ circuit breaker units with a modern vacuum circuit breaker. This can be a simple retrofit to extend life and minimise maintenance requirements or as part of a comprehensive upgrade to enhance the ratings of installed equipment.

The retrofit solution has been developed using all of the Reyrolle application engineering knowledge acquired since the first development of LM23T in 1963. We are able to understand the particular application requirements of each customer installation to ensure a seamless and reliable retrofit solution.

As the OEM, we can also certify all ratings and performance documentation such that risks and uncertainty are avoided.
In our purpose built UK production facility, each LMT retrofit unit is guaranteed to interface with installed panels using the same jigs and fixtures as used for the production of the original equipment.

Your benefits at a glance:
- Reduced cost of ownership
- Optimised life extension of existing switchgear
- Minimal plant outage costs
- Low cost compared to renewal
- Type tested and guaranteed
- Fast site delivery
- Upgrades

For further information on Reyrolle LMT Retrofit, please click here.

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