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Retrofit packages provide a financially viable high quality alternative to increase the life of your existing switchgear. It is often the preferred option to avoid the heavy investment needed to replace whole switchboards and reduce outage times, crucial in industrial, manufacturing and processing facilities.

This process minimises system disruption whilst enabling the upgrade of the switchgear, associated protection and drawings.

Performance enhancement can be achieved at optimum cost through selective modifications and use of retrofit modules.

As part of our retrofit package, client’s drawings are updated on CAD to the latest standards.

C Gear retrofit in Reyrolle Works facility

Reyrolle C-Gear Retrofit

Siemens and Reyrolle are names synonymous with quality and expertise throughout the transmission and distribution industry and with the latest C-Gear retrofit circuit breaker; you can be sure of the highest quality solution and service.

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Reyrolle LMT Retrofit

The LMT retrofit has been specifically designed for customers to seamlessly interface with their existing Reyrolle panels replacing outdated oil or SF₆ circuit breaker units with a modern vacuum circuit breaker. This can be a simple retrofit to extend life and minimise maintenance requirements or as part of a comprehensive upgrade to enhance the ratings of installed equipment. For further information click here.

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South Wales Switchgear C4X Retrofit

Siemens can provide a new C4X retrofit solution designed to extend the life of South Wales Switchgear's C4X medium voltage circuit breaker. Siemens can provide customers with a new vacuum circuit breaker to replace the old oil circuit breaker which will offer customers a cost effective solution to radically extend the life of switchgear.

Siemens launches new C4X retrofit solution

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07/03/2013 | Author: Katie Fulcher