Original equipment manufacturer (Reyrolle)

Since the acquisition of Reyrolle in 2005, our facility, Reyrolle Works, continues to support the Reyrolle installed base globally. An unrivalled portfolio of products and services allows Siemens to offer complete original equipment manufacturer capabilities (OEM)  that are fully supported by the latest manufacturing and research and development activities.

An estimated 250,000 Reyrolle products were manufactured between the 1930’s to present day. The combination of outstanding design and build quality means that a relatively high proportion of these units are still in service today.

We are fully committed to supporting the entire Reyrolle installed base at every stage of the product life cycle. However large or small your need, as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we offer the most comprehensive and reliable service available for Reyrolle products throughout the entire life cycle. We provide our customers with the best opportunity to achieve the optimum cost effective long term strategy for their existing Reyrolle equipment.

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