Health and safety


The Vision of the Service business is to be the foremost transmission, distribution and industry company supplier, delivering unparalleled safety and environmental performance, vital to the well-being of our employees, customers and communities in a challenging market place.

We firmly believe that environmental protection, health management and safety (EHS) are everybody’s business – because they are good for everybody’s business. They are integral to the Siemens business strategy, offering our managers, employees and customers value in many ways.

Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens

Our goal is to ensure that all of our employees operate in a safe working environment so they are able to return to their family and friends as healthy as when they started the day. 

Through this programme, we aim to improve the safety performance of the company and permanently transform the way management and employees think and act.

Safety starts with those who hold responsibility, but it can only become a living corporate culture if everyone contributes.

We can achieve our vision and the goal of a Zero Harm Culture, if we follow three basic principles:
1. Zero incidents – it is achievable.
Unrealistic? No, we are convinced that it is possible. Everyone must be able to work at Siemens without suffering an incident. Everywhere. At any time. That is our goal.
2. Health and safety – no compromises!
Deadline pressure? Yes. Cost pressure? Yes. Compromising safety? Absolutely not. The safety and health of all employees is our highest priority. These values come first. No ifs or buts!
3. We take care of each other!
We work with our eyes open to recognise dangerous situations and look after one another. Risky behaviour is not cool – and we intervene when we see it. We lead by example.

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