Integral Plant Maintenance – ŠKODA AUTO, Kvasiny plant

Maintenance for paint shop and assembly

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – Werk Kvasiny, Tschechien

Kvasiny plant, Czech Republic

Implementation period
Since August 2001

Scope of delivery and performance

  • Maintenance and repair for the entire paint shop and parts of the final assembly, such as conveyor systems as well as control technology and auxiliary equipment (power supply, compressed air, cooling station).

  • Spare parts management

  • Use of a CMMS system by means of Maintegrity / COMOS

The challenge

The ŠKODA AUTO branch operation in eastern Bohemia can look back on a long tradition of automobile manufacture. For the production of the Superb, Yeti and Roomster, a completely new manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art technology was set up in Kvasiny.

The production concept is of modular design and meets the latest quality and cost-efficiency requirements in every respect. The high quality of the processes is assured by implementing preventive maintenance measures among other means.

ŠKODA AUTO chose Siemens as its partner for the maintenance activities at the paint shop which handles up to 820 car bodies daily in a maximum of 18 colors.

Siemens expert Petr Peška about Integral Plant Maintenance
Petr Peška, Head of Siemens Maintenance at the ŠKODA plant in Kvasiny

The solution

The objective is to ensure high plant availability and to improve the transparency of maintenance costs.

In the painting section and parts of assembly, more than 60 maintenance employees look after all equipment round the clock in 4-shift operation. The maintenance activities cover the segments comprising production equipment, building technology as well as certain ancillary equipment like compressors, cooling station or the CO₂ fire extinguishing system.

The maintenance activities are not restricted solely to the rectification of faults that occur and ensuring that production process runs properly. The planning and implementation of preventive maintenance measures and the provision of all spare parts required also help achieve high plant availability.

Downtimes can also be reduced to a minimum with the support of a CMMS system (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

The benefits

  • Increased plant availability (> 98%)
  • Reduction in costs thanks to standard maintenance concept
  • Improved plant cost transparency