Enhance Performance and Reliability of Industrial Networks

Industrial Network Analytics Services at Saint Gobain Gyproc India Ltd.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd

Saint Gobain Gyproc India Ltd.

Ramanagaram, Karnataka, India

Implementation period
April, 2014

Profibus Network Analytics Services

The challenge

The industrial network is the central nervous system of every automation system. Availability and reliability of network infrastructure is crucial for meeting tough production targets. Networks have to meet high level requirements regarding erection, commissioning and project planning, especially when they have been installed by different vendors. Problems during runtime are caused often in the design phase. A Network Validation (detailed inspection of all relevant parameters), guarantees the trouble-free operation of Profibus/Profinet networks.

Saint Gobain Gyproc India Ltd, world's leading manufacturer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum plasters and a part of the 43 billion Saint-Gobain Group, faced intermittent failures in their Profibus networks, mainly because of inconsistencies in the network planning phase. In 2008, manufacturing system at their plant near Bangalore was installed and commissioned with the help of various vendors. However, for Saint Gobain, this big installation came with its own set of challenges in the networking domain. To achieve network stability, even network speed was reduced in some areas. Having a failure-free network was still a challenge.



The solution

Siemens provided answers to Saint Gobain’s problems with Profibus Network validation service. The service involves thorough on-site check of all relevant parameters by Siemens network experts, which improves the operational security of networks and their components.

The network architecture consisted 7 different networks having 140 slaves. The validation was conducted in accordance to strict guidelines so as to ensure a complete check of all possible fault locations.

Saint Gobain Gyproc India Ltd
Often the end customer doesn’t have the knowledge to control the OEM designs

Steps followed were:

  • Detailed study of all control parameters.

  • Measuring and archiving fieldbus KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

  • Validation report prepared in compliance with ISO 9001.

  • Validation certificate issued.

  • Installed additional hardware and softwares to monitor and maintain the KPIs.

Key observations through profibus network validation were:

  • Deviations of existing network parameters from Profibus guidelines were identified.

  • Identified areas where signal strength was below the minimum recommended values.

  • Distortion of signal profile in the network observed.

  • Identification of other installation inconsistencies.