Secure the efficiency of processes with engineering service and technical service

»The basis for efficient industrial services is established as early as during plant planning and design. Systematic solutions throughout the entire lifecycle are in high demand. Siemens’ Technical Consulting & Engineering Support provides ideally suited tools to the industry – from the first stages of project planning all the way to operation.«

The efficient design and continuous modernization of plants is a crucial factor in order to secure sustainable business success in all industries. Siemens provides maximum support to businesses – spanning from detailed analyses of the status quo and target definition to comprehensive consulting and all the way to the development of customized technical solutions. Professional support from engineering service and technical service targets areas that are critical for time and cost savings as well as for the implementation of utmost security.

Technical Consulting covers all matters of product and system choice for efficient industrial plants. The services include planning, consulting, and design as well as training, application support, and the verification of configurations throughout a plant’s entire lifecycle as well as in all matters of industrial security in production.


Three good reasons for Technical Consulting & Engineering Support from Siemens

  1. Expert vulnerability and risk analysis with recommendations.

  2. Avoidance or minimization of system risks related to serviceability and upgradeability.

  3. Reduction of standstill and downtimes by ensuring serviceability.




Engineering Support

Engineering Support

Our Engineering Support specialists support you in all of the preparation and realization phases of your automation projects.