Spare parts and returns management

Do you want to minimise downtimes, keep all spare parts on hand for unplanned outages and provide your customers with fast spare parts delivery? Whether unplanned outages or planned maintenance, our spare parts management ensures that you will always have access to all the necessary spare parts. We offer this service for plant operators and device manufacturers in particular.

Spare parts analysis for plant operators

Optimised spare parts stockpiling: Based on the criticality of the necessary spare parts and their availability, we analyze the quantities you need to stockpile. At the same time, we check whether your existing spare parts are compatible with other devices.

Spare parts planning and logistics for device manufacturers

Spare parts service from a single source: Our logistics experts are happy to take charge of all your spare parts and returns management. On your behalf, we maintain an agreed range of parts and supply them to a defined service area within an agreed service level.