Maintenance and remote support with Service Contracts

»A service contract ensures the high degree of security that is indispensable in all industries today. Customized service packages for maintenance ensure minimum downtime and reduce maintenance costs. The opportunities of remote maintenance provide additional reliability.«

Service contracts are customized service packages that meet the demands of a certain range of systems and products in automation and drive technology. The individual services that cover the entire lifecycle are perfectly matched and support the optimal utilization of all machines and plants. The services that are comprised by a service contract can be customized flexibly at all times and can be employed independently of each other. The reduction of interfaces in the maintenance process, the reduction of downtime, and calculable costs are particular advantages. The option to perform remote maintenance makes possible the outstandingly fast reaction to incidents in many cases.

Service contracts make the maintenance, optimization, and modernization of industrial automation and drive technology more efficient and powerful, and reduce costs at the same time. Flexible options, such as extended service times, agreed reaction times, and customized service intervals, can be defined in a demand-oriented manner. The Siemens specialists’ comprehensive expert knowledge, reduced downtimes, calculable operating costs, and the saving of maintenance resources ensure the highest availability and productivity of all machines and plants.


Three good reasons for our Service Programs and Agreements

  • Assured plant availability and operational security through customized maintenance
  • Transparent costs and improved operating conditions
  • Extended lifecycle and reduced wear of Siemens components




Standard Service Contracts

Customized and flexibly adapted standard services.