Let's keep your machines ready for the future

»Changing a running automation systems after years is not always an option for many plant operators. However, retaining to obsolete technology contains significant risks: probability of errors and failure increases and rising cost for maintenance and troubleshooting resulted in reduced profitability.«

No matter what your starting point is – an imminent generational change in the automation, a partial modernization, also from non-Siemens systems, or the modernization of a complete plant – Siemens offers you individual migration support to help you to reach your individual goals: from individual functions up to all-round service.


Step by step to success

Siemens supports you and your migration project as an experienced partner with proven products, solutions as well as established industry knowhow and a global set up of experts. For all migration projects, a clearly defined process ensure the success and cost efficiency as well as reduce risks to the minimum.

Phase 1: Consulting

Do you want to increase the availability of your plant and protect your investment, or do you want to max out the advantages of innovative products and systems?

The phase in detail:

  • Defining your requirements

  • Determining the scope of the migration

  • Clarifying project size and parameters

Phase 2: Concept

Detailed analysis of the current system and the technical realization options.

The phase in detail:

  • Defining your requirements

  • Analysing your current automation systems

  • Elaborating possible migration concepts

  • Proposal preparation based on preliminary concept

Phase 3: Planning

Developing a reliable roadmap for implementation, commissioning, test and acceptance.

The phase in detail:

  • Implementation of requirement and feature specifications

  • Rough and detailed planning of implementation and commissioning phases

  • Allocation of required resources (mechanical, electrical, software and hardware, etc…)

Phase 4: Implementation

Design, engineering and procurement of required components.

The phase in detail:

  • Software migration and software test

  • Preparing circuit schematics

  • Ordering the required components (controllers, control cabinet …)

  • Elaborating a fallback strategy

Phase 5: Commissioning

Commissioning and comprehensive tests.

The phase in detail:

  • Mechanical and electrical installation

  • Review of hardware and electrical installation

  • Testing software modules and the complete machine

  • Testing under production conditions

Phase 6: Acceptance

Handover of the modernized system to you and finalization of the project.

The phase in detail:

  • System handover e.g. customer acceptance test, new documentation, specification of any further measures in the report

  • Working out a long term service concept

Benefit from our comprehensive retrofit and migration offering

Migration Consulting and Support

Complete System Migration

Individual support for the migration of obsolete SIMATIC products and systems.

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Complete modernization of your old SIMATIC system including tests and acceptance.

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Retrofit for Production Machine

Application Software Migration

Retrofit of the complete production machine including drives and motors.

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Migration of your SIMATIC applications to the designated target platform (e.g., STEP 7, WinCC flexible project to TIA Portal project) without software modification.

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Product Upgrade Service

Platform Conversion Support

Preventive service to identify and exchange obsolete SIMATIC components.

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Individual support for successfully converting third party automation to a SIMATIC system.

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