Optimization of drive applications covered by savings

»Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications is an innovative service by Siemens to implement and finance energy efficiency measures in the industrial sector.«

Lifting competitiveness by increasing productivity is the most common and recurring challenge in industry. The options for investment outside of your core-business such as energy efficiency improvements are always tempting, but savings uncertainty is a common showstopper for these projects. In addition, when given a narrow investment choice between a production-related project versus in energy efficiency, the decision is always clear.

What if there was a way to make an energy efficiency project more certain than a core-business opportunity? And rather than having to make a choice, what if you could invest in both opportunities? Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications from Siemens does just that.


Project approach and phases


Energy Performance Contracting for drive applications is an approach that funds an optimization project from its energy savings. Projects are delivered by a four step process designed to de-risk project development while also providing strong savings certainty.

In step one, a desktop assessment is conducted on your plant’s drive applications based on information provided by you. The desktop assessment outlines for you a package of optimizations measures coupled with a savings promise. In step two, current energy use of inefficient equipment is analyzed in detail to form a baseline, and optimization measures are designed and engineered. Both aspects form the basis for an energy performance contract. Should we fail to meet the savings promise, this step will be at no charge! In step three, Siemens will implement the optimization measures under an energy performance contract and finance them as required. At the project handover, Siemens will measure and verify the savings achieved versus the baseline. If the savings are not achieved, Siemens will pay a penalty. Finally, Siemens services the new equipment to ensure its ongoing performance.


Your benefits with Energy Performance Contracting
from Siemens

  • Up to 30 percent savings
  • Higher productivity
  • Risk-free thanks to performance warranty


Furthermore, projects delivered with an energy performance contract offer risk-reduced project development and strong savings certainty so making a decision to proceed will be an easy one. And in combination with our financing, your project can be engineered to be cash positive and fit within your operational budget. This puts money back in your budget rather than stretching it and avoids the need to make trade-offs with your capital improvement projects. All this makes Siemens the perfect partner for your next energy efficiency project!