Repair Services for high reliability

»Motors and converters that operate reliably are vital in any plant. All over the world, the specialists from Siemens provide comprehensive service and take care of all repairs in order to ensure their utmost efficiency.«

The reliable operation of electrical and electronic machines is the basis of constant processes in every industry. This is why the professional repair and maintenance of motors and converters is crucial. Siemens provides repair and regular maintenance service on site and in repair centers, as well as a technical emergency service all over the world. The Repair Services include all measures that are required for the fast restoration of faulty devices’ functionality.

Customers can focus on their key business, because the Siemens specialists take care of the entire customer and repair service for electrical and electronic devices. In addition to repair and technical emergency service, a range of services is available for plant operators from all industries. It includes spare parts logistics, spare parts storage and fast manufacturing in case of emergencies. A global network of certified Siemens and third-party workshops enables Siemens to perform the maintenance and overhaul of motors, converters and other machines as a certified service partner.