Higher availability and reliability of machine tools through online monitoring

»The major challenge for the industry is to combine greater productivity with high quality, adhere to schedules, and little expenditure for maintenance and service. Production plant operators and OEM's share the same goal: the reliable, continuous operation of all systems at the lowest possible cost.«

When decisions on investments are made, besides considering consumptionoriented variables and idle times, the lifecycle costs of a machine gain more importance. This is also applicable for the technical and organizational management of maintenance processes.

Machine Tool Analytics Services

Siemens Machine Tool Analytics Services offer services based on a comprehensive online monitoring system, which cormprises qualified real-time condition monitoring as well as vizualisation, reporting and alarming, and include detailed information upon changes.

Machine Tool Analytics Services support the plant operator through exact and continuous condition monitoring of the machine tool.

The applied infrastructure offers high data through highly available servers, and multi- stage access protection. The modular service packages allow a customized expansion of services, e.g.expert support, more sophisticated data analysis or services over the life-cycle. This enables the holistic management of critical assets.

The Benefit

Machine Tool Analytics Services support customers to optimize the costs for machine maintenance in the production as well as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  • Lower risk of failure

  • Lower costs for spare parts by using the wear stock

  • Smaller warehouse stock especially of high-priced spare parts

  • Early information on necessary maintenance measures

  • Improved scheduling of resources

Your benefits with Machine Tool Analytics Services from Siemens

  • Improved availability and higher productivity
  • Lesser effort for inspection and maintenance
  • Lower investment costs
  • Concentration on the core business