Continuous protection to reduce risk and maintain production availability

The specific requirements for security of an Industrial Control System (ICS) environment differ significantly from those of corporate IT. Designing and implementing a comprehensive cyber defense program relevant to the industrial space requires core competencies in cyber security and industrial automation.

Using combinations of proven security measures and global intelligence, we provide the ongoing support needed to ensure the long-term protection of your assets, intellectual property and employees, so that you can stay focused on your business.






Core aspects of Managed Security Service


  • Security incident response and resolution guidance
  • Onsite re-assessment of security posture, personnel
    training and process enhancement
  • Continuos monitoring of security and system status
  • Proactive threat notification based on real-time uk intelligence
  • Implementation of security updates to adress
    changing threat landscape


Three good reasons for industrial cyber security services from Siemens

  1. Continuous protection: As your industry partner, Siemens will assess, design, implement, and continuously monitor a cyber security solution tailored to fit your business – even if your equipment was not manufactured by Siemens.  Using combinations of proven security measures to address specific industrial security areas and global threat intelligence, we will provide the ongoing support needed to ensure the long-term protection of your assets and employees.

  2. Proactive defense: Siemens provides continuous monitoring and analysis of security and system status based on real-time global intelligence from our Cyber Security Operation Center. Proactive threat notification reduces the risk of production loss and equipment damage, as well as protecting intellectual property, company reputation and brand image.

  3. Single-source expertise: Leveraging Siemens’ industrial cyber security talent and global automation technology and industrial control system expertise will allow you to stay focused on your business, while ensuring predictable and transparent costs for protecting your industrial environment.


A phased approach to long-term protection for your ICS

 ICS assets have long lifecycles, up to 20 years. Our Managed Security Service applies a formal three-step approach to address specific aspects of industrial security – regardless of whether you are operating a legacy control system with upgraded connectivity or a recently installed ICS. Following implementation of the recommended security measures, we will provide the ongoing service to protect your ICS environment across its lifecycle, allowing you to stay focused on your business.

Step 1:

We begin evaluating the current security posture of your ICS. Potential sources of vulnerabilities are identified through technical evaluation an analysis, forming the basis for recommended security actions. Based on risk analysis conducted by Siemens, you will be able to make informed decisions on the direction of your security architectures.


  • Architecture assessment
  • Threat modeling
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities and their impact

Step 2:

Siemens partners with you to systematically put in place all identified measures to mitigate risk in your ICS. Based on the recommendations from Step 1, we deliver comprehensive employee training and certification, deploy new technology, enhance security processes, and establish new security guidelines for the ICS operation.


  • Employee training
  • Process improvement
  • Implement security technology

Step 3:
Operate &

We provide ongoing services for managing and maintaining your security postures against current and potential cyber threats. Our Cyber Security Operation Center continuously monitors uk threat acitivity and translates gained intelligence into real-time actions necessary to maintain your ICS security an keep your production running.


  • uk threat monitoring
  • Incident detection and notification
  • Design and deploy adjustments to changing threat landscape


With Siemens Managed Security Service your operation will benefit from:

  • Continuous protection through our Cyber Security Operation Center
  • Reduced risk of production loss and equipment damage
  • Ensured predictable and transparent budgeting for cyber security
  • Leverage Siemens industrial cyber security talent and expertise
  • Protection for equipment across the entire operational lifecycle
  • Proactive defense based on global threat intelligence