Time and telegram analysis on real-time Ethernet

»Bus Analyzer«

Bus Analyzer Agent

Ethernet technology has now penetrated all levels of automation. At the same time, however, network complexity has also risen while plant availability has become increasingly dependent on these central networks. These networks have become a sort of “Achilles heel” of modern process control technology.

As a result, working effectively during system testing, commissioning, and plant operation while maintaining system functions requires powerful, technically sophisticated analysis systems. This is especially true for PROFINET.

Bus Analyzer incl. TAP

Bus Analyzer Agent is a bus analyzer that can easily and independently monitor the bus at all known speeds. The bus analyzer records data traffic at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s without interaction via corresponding TAPs and with a time resolution of 10 nanoseconds on Ethernet and PROFINET.

Based on a system platform with FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, Bus Analyzer Agents's functions operate independently of bus technology conventions. Whether it’s used in development and system testing or with plant diagnostics, Bus Analyzer Agent's freely definable filter and trigger functions make it the first choice when dealing with problems on PROFINET.

Online analysis

In the past, many systems permitted an analysis of events on the bus only after the fact and offline using telegram recording. In contrast, Bus Analyzer Agent also provides direct and immediate online analysis in real time, thanks to its integrated computing power.

Without telegram recording, all important parameters are instantly analyzed, evaluated, and incorporated into network statistics, which can be viewed in a table or, for fast visual monitoring, can be represented graphically – and for an unlimited time period. It is then possible to draw precise conclusions about the quality of the network and of the configured cycles.

Synchronization check

The synchronous check sets all participants on the bus to their synchronization time relative to the cycle so as to determine whether the devices are transmitting within their specified time interval. Thus, Bus Analyzer Agent becomes the central system for recording and diagnosing PROFINET.