Industrial Network Validation & Analytics

»The plant network is the central nervous system of any automation. The development of industrial plant networks for real-time data exchange poses new challenges for automation specialist. Larger and larger data packets are being transmitted between controllers and bus participants at ever higher speeds. Even decentralized structures are being continuously expanded and Ethernet is employed on every level.«

To a growing extent, plant operators must grapple with whether the network is appropriately structured for the actual loads, where their data is located within the network, and whether communication is taking place without unauthorized accesses.

Asset Analytics Services provide solutions for industrial networks for their entire service life

Industrial Network Analytics Services offer the best possible options for validating, diagnosing, and continuously monitoring network status and condition.

Network Validation & Analytics

Validation improves the operational reliability of networks and their components by monitoring all relevant parameters on site. Thus operators can monitor their plant networks to ensure that they meet network standards – for example, in terms of quality.

Network Monitoring Services

Continuous remote monitoring, analysis, and reporting of network characteristics ensures a stable network quality. Network monitoring offers support in the following areas:

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Load and quality analysis

  • Preparation of specific reports

  • Change control and central firmware maintenance

  • Troubleshooting support from Siemens experts


Your benefits with Industrial Network Validation Services from Siemens:

  • Identification of potential planning errors during the acceptance phase
  • Error-free operation of industrial networks through continuous data analysis
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • Improvement of plant availability and reliability in all areas