Energetic machine and asset analysis

»No matter what the industry, increasing competition and cost pressures makes achieving business objectives harder every year. Well-established workflows and processes must now be scrutinized in every detail to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency, especially regarding energy use. However the instruments and equipment required to perform this analysis can be prohibitively expensive and specialist knowledge is usually required. Is it time to explore new options?«

All-in-one package

Load development of a hydraulic system: computed savings potential up to 60 percent by using a servo pump

Specialized analysis packages for the energy efficiency assessment of plants and machinery are one successful approach. Based on the short-term measurement of plant and equipment, Siemens provides the relevant data and recommended actions that operators need in order to make sound decisions about upgrades or investments in new technologies. This registered data is specifically aimed at improving the plant’s energy performance in order to sustainably lower costs.


To simplify handling, all of the required hardware and software components in the package are preconfigured. Siemens provides for a detailed identification, visualization, and analysis of the plant’s energy flows.

Siemens combines consumption information and other parameters collected via its measurement equipment with operating data. This information is used to demonstrate the dependency of the machine’s energy consumption on the respective operating state. This forms the basis for an initial evaluation of existing savings potentials and for improvements in energy management. All data and analysis is then used to optimize processes and equipment in collaboration with the customer.


Wide-ranging measurement

Example of measuring setup

The modular, easy-to-install measurement kits utilize SENTRON PAC multifunction measuring devices from Siemens to measure all relevant electrical variables. As required, the measurement kit can be augmented with analog measuring equipment to detect DC loads, temperatures or flows – like that of cooling water, hydraulics and compressed air.

Based on sound knowledge from Siemens analysis, operators can leverage saving potential and maximise the profitability of their plant. Furthermore, all this is possible without needing to invest capital in expensive measuring equipment.