Scalable services to monitor your drive train

»The top priority for operators is to ensure permanent plant availability. To guarantee condition-based maintenance for drive trains, Siemens offers services to constantly monitor key components that cover all requirements.«

Experience Drive Train Condition Monitoring as part of the Integrated Drive System. It helps you identify faults and impending damage in the drive system at an early stage and rectify them in good time.


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Siemens experts Dr. Jörg Deckers and Klaus Selbach on Drive Train Condition Monitoring

Klaus Selbach, product manager:

»Continuously monitoring key, process-critical components makes it possible to identify and avoid damage in good time. Condition-based maintenance of the drive train ensures permanent machine and plant productivity.«

Siemens’ condition monitoring experts will develop the service plan that precisely meets your needs. Hardware and other services are tailored to suit your requirements. The combination of motor and gearbox monitoring helps substantially reduce lifecycle costs and boost productivity.

Drive Train Condition Monitoring

Problem-free productivity of industrial manufacturing, conveying and processing systems is crucial in industry. That’s why it is essential to perform condition-based inspections and maintenance on motors and gearboxes. Siemens offers a complete drive train monitoring from a single source. Drive Train Condition Monitoring eliminates the need for traditional periodic inspections and the associated downtimes, which means customers are able to concentrate fully on their core business.


Vibration monitoring is the safest way to enable early detection of mechanical damage – often months in advance. With Drive Train Condition Monitoring, related data is collected for all mechanical components of the drive train and transmitted along with parameters such as vibration or temperature to the Siemens Expert Center for analysis.


Continuous monitoring of key, process-critical components, motors and gearboxes in particular, provides a constant supply of data on the status of the machines. By monitoring the system in this way, Siemens experts can also draw conclusions on interactions between the individual components in the drive train. The monitoring data is combined within a single system and is analyzed by certified Siemens experts. Plant operators are then contacted in good time, before any critical changes take place, to enable countermeasures to be introduced promptly. Customers receive regular, clearly structured monitoring reports from their personal contacts.


Three good reasons for Drive Train Condition Monitoring from Siemens:

  1. A Condition Monitoring System with optimized services – one source, one contact person

  2. Online monitoring and data evaluation by certified Siemens experts

  3. Condition-based maintenance reduces costs and increases efficiency

How to benefit from Drive Train Condition Monitoring from Siemens

  • Constant availability with reduced lifecycle costs
  • Optimized production processes made possible by product and industry expertise
  • One contact, one system, one status report