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Maximize plant performance using smart data

»Plant Data Services from Siemens optimize overall plant efficiency and the energy efficiency of your machinery and plant.«

Approaches such as Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management have changed the face of manufacturing since the 1980s. Today these procedures are widely established and have significantly increased the productivity and efficiency of industrial facilities. But all of these approaches are based on a comparatively simple set of rules, and are greatly influenced by empirical experience and the actual cultural setting in each case.



Plant Data Services from Siemens

Get a running start on the future of industry – with Siemens Plant Data Services

As a leader in the field of digitalization and simulation of production processes, Siemens is pioneering the way toward improved production and making the vision of “Industrie 4.0” a reality.

Siemens’ leading role in industrial data technology and its comprehensive industry knowledge make it the ideal partner when it comes to using your machine data to achieve improved availability, efficiency and performance. Today Plant Data Services can already provide you with services that will ensure transparency in your industrial processes. Plant Data Services let you make sound, factbased decisions at all times.

Production and process data is recorded, filtered and structured to translate it into real added value, with intelligent analytics of this data playing a key role. As a global leader in industrial automation and drive technology, Siemens can draw on a unique body of practical experience and the comprehensive industry skills of its global network of experts.


Key services that pay for you

  • A managed service concept from Siemens Digital Factory
  • Covering your four critical resource areas – assets, energy, processes and security
  • Plant Data Services have already been proven in the field in highly challenging scenarios