Industrial IT Security

»Security for all production environments«

The increasing networking of production, office, and service providers has intensified the risk of unauthorized internal as well as external access to production processes. Office security solutions are not suitable for implementation in industrial production applications.

Siemens recognises the Industry Challenges:

  • Dramatic increases in industrial cyber attacks over the last few years

  • Increase in the use of web based tools and products

  • Increase in the amount of information that is required between manufacturing processes

  • Corporate Compliance

  • Corporate reputation

Siemens has developed customized measures to protect industrial plants from IT attacks. These custom-made concepts for specific production environments provide comprehensive services from analysis to operational support. Siemens’ extensive security solutions ensure optimal reliability and availability of production processes. The solution packages enable an integrated consideration of all security aspects in industrial plants. This minimizes safety risks in production, production losses, and the risk of losing intellectual property and critical data. Cost-efficient and secure remote maintenance – the advantages of remote services and secure networks combined

Industrial IT Security Services from Siemens

  • Risk Assessments

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Products and Architecture solutions

  • Extensive product portfolio designed for the industrial environment

  • Patch Management

  • Software enhancements

  • IT consultancy

  • Software enhancements

  • Industrial Malware


  • Independent solutions from an Industrial manufacturer

  • Application support for the complete installation including the integration with the management systems

  • Specific NDA’s for vulnerability notifications providing the customer with very specific input to reduce any potential threats

  • Risk management in the event of a cyber incident

  • Consultancy across the complete ‘Defence in Depth’ philosophy with a specific Industrial focus.