Field Services secure highest plant availability

»The availability of machines and plants is of highest importance in all industries. Field Services from Siemens facilitate smooth commissioning and maintenance and ensure the fast clearance of faults in industrial plants.«

Highest availability of machines and plants is vital in all industries. Siemens provides Field Services and professional maintenance measures, such as inspection, maintenance and fault clearance for industrial plants all over the world as well as an on-demand emergency service. The Services include commissioning, preventive maintenance, fault clearance and service contracts.

All over the world, qualified Siemens specialists are available around the clock. The commissioning service comprises installation testing, function testing, parameterisation, integration tests for machines and plants, trial runs, final approval and training of employees. All services can be included in customised service contracts. This means that extended service times and defined reaction times as well as maintenance intervals can be fixed for any industrial plant. In addition to that, customised remote services provide the option of remote maintenance for drives.