Value added through energy data management and monitoring

»Energy Analytics provides energy data management as a managed service and compliments your existing know-how and systems. Why crunch your energy, resource and production data yourself? With intelligent reports and data analytics prepared by our energy management experts, we help you to find your plant's hidden savings potential.«



  • Intelligent reports
    Automated reporting, tailored to your requirements to manage costs: 15­ minute load profiles, ISO 50001 transparency reports
  • Intelligent analytics
    Individualized expert analysis to target savings: non­-productive analysis, purchasing optimization and machine­-level optimization analysis
  • Intelligent dashboards
    Information at a glance: automatic updates of consumption values for electricity, gas, water and other criti­cal inputs at the plant or site level
  • Intelligent upgrades
    Siemens is constantly refining its platform, integrating additional features, products and services
  • Intelligent data
    All potential thoroughly examined: report and analyze all types of energy mediums and other inputs such as temperature, pressure and process data
  • Simple to install
    Connect an easy­-to-­configure Energy Box to any pre­installed meter infrastructure and start seeing results within days
  • Simple to integrate
    Seamless integration with your infrastructure: Energy Analytics can be integrated with PROFINET, PROFIBUS and many open protocols
  • Simple to access
    Access your reports and analytics via a web portal
  • Simple to operate
    Minimum effort required: with almost no software configuration or training needed you can benefit from signifi­cantly shorter installation and com­missioning times
  • Simply stress­free
    Cut the complexity: Siemens takes on the role of energy data manager for you
  • Economic investment
    Invest only in what you need now and then incrementally invest to more sophisticated levels of energy management in the future
  • Economic payments
    Easily build energy management into your operational budgets with low­-cost monthly payments
  • Economic focus
    While Siemens handles your data management, you can focus on taking actions to save money
  • Economic flexibility
    Siemens is completely flexible in terms of providing additional support and hardware. You only need to pay for what you need
  • Economical finance
    Siemens can provide financing for your metering thereby completely minimizing any upfront costs.

Your data’s journey to greater value

First, we support you to design and install a metering and data acquisition system to extract exactly the right energy and production information at the least cost. With this system, your data will be automatically collected and transferred via secure connection to our data vault in the Siemens Energy Service Center. Here our experienced energy experts will process and analyze your data, returning to you intelligent reports and analytics via your personalised web portal.

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Reports, experience
Energy manager

A knowledge partnership

Professional energy reports as a basis for implementing energy efficiency measures



Collected energy data analyzed in effective reports

Cost savings

Cutting costs

Energy expenses reduced on the basis of thorough consumption analyses



Concepts to enhance energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption


Data collection

A very wide range of energy consumption readings are collected via Energy Box or Energy Box software


Energy Box

Using the Energy Box we automatically collect your energy data and transmit it to the Energy Service Centre for processing


Automated data transfer via a secure connection certified to the CERT standard

Energy Service Center

Data processing

Analysis of the transmitted consumption readings



Development and installation of a measuring system tailored to your equipment’s particular needs

Monthly charge

A focus on operating costs

Energy data management costs are transferred to the operating cost budget, with low monthly fees



Know-how from leading energy experts makes sure that the right kinds of readings are collected and analyzed

Simpler energy management for greater business focus

Our core design philosophy for Energy Analytics was to make energy management simpler. Now you can have a partner that handles the administrative side of energy management  while you focus your resources on managing your energy use and implementing savings projects.

Profitable energy data
management and
consumption management

Convert your energy data to energy knowledge, and sustainably enhance your company's success. Siemens has assembled a variety of energy data management functions and analytical tools into four packages. Whether you need a fast, economical solution or a highly developed energy data management system, we have a solution for you. All available packages can be customized to your needs with individual add-ons.