MindSphere – Siemens Cloud for Industry

An essential element on the path to the digital enterprise

Now that customers can easily look for other options online if they are dissatisfied, manufacturing companies are feeling the effects of tougher competition. The answers to this challenge are clear: cut throughput times, increase flexibility, enable individual mass production, and optimize energy and resource consumption.

This means companies have to perfect their entire value chain, from design, production planning and engineering to services. Siemens supports this continuous optimization process with its Digital Enterprise Software Suite, and a key element of this suite is the MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry.

This is a platform on which Siemens bundles a wide range of services for manufacturing companies on the path to Industry 4.0.

MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry

The MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry interlinks physical products and production facilities with digital data, enabling innovative solutions and getting products onto the market faster, better and more efficiently. That's why MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry is a key element of the Digital Enterprise Software Suite, the solution to the demands of Industrie 4.0. MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry offers industrial enterprises an open infrastructure based on SAP HANA and allows the creation of new digital services.

Comprehensive, easy to handle, and backed by expert support

The MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry is a comprehensive, cost-efficient data hosting platform that combines device management, easy connectivity, the necessary data storage and the associated infrastructure providing virtualized data management that can be deployed very quickly.

Siemens' services include data recording, transmission and safe storage, and offer the framework for a development environment in which applications can be created swiftly. An initial release of MindSphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry will be available in early 2016. Siemens' experts are ready to provide advice and assistance wherever and whenever needed.