Siemens Mobility, Rail Automation is committed to pioneering the use of innovation to advance the frontiers of signalling and control technologies. Systems from Siemens, whether for main line, regional, metro or light rail, combine more than 100 years experience with continuing investment in R&D to provide a high reliability and low maintenance solution. When developing solutions for the UK, we draw upon the global Siemens pool of experience and product range. With a signalling workforce including specialists with direct UK experience, Siemens has industry-leading strength and depth.

Main Line

Computer based interlockings: Electronic interlockings detect and control the logical and vital equipment in accordance with the dependencies between signals, points and vehicles. 


The future of UK signalling technology will see the introduction of European Train Control Systems (ETCS) as part of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).

Wheel Sensors

The WSR (Wheel Sensor Relay) and WSS (Wheel Sensor Single) Wheel Detectors are electronic switches which respond contactlessly to wheel flanges.

Mass Transit

Efficient mass transit systems are vital for improving passenger mobility and are reliant on the performance of the automatic train control (ATC) system deployed.

Level Crossings

Siemens offers a complete solution from barrier machine, controller and axle counter to provide a safe and reliable solution to meeting the challenge of increasing protection at the road rail interface.