Main Line


Computer based interlockings: Electronic interlockings detect and control the logical and vital equipment in accordance with the dependencies between signals, points and vehicles.  More advanced than solid state interlocking (SSI), Simis W is the latest computer based system combining high reliability with low maintenance, is adaptable for future requirements and can be integrated with existing control systems.

Control and operation systems: The control and operation of the interlocking is provided by Siemens Vicos systems which use networked components and automated functions to ensure efficient operation – not only of Simis W, but also of other manufacturers’ electronic and relay interlockings. Vicos also offers automatic train-tracking, automatic route setting and SCADA.

Axle counters: Track vacancy detection systems provide reliable information on clear and occupied states of track sections.  Siemens solutions include wheel sensors and axle counters.

The Az S 350 U microcomputer axle counting system from Siemens is a fail-safe track vacancy detection equipment for one or more track sections. Az S 350 U has been designed for operators of main line and industrial railways, secondary lines and light transit systems.  A universal interface allows connection to any interlocking system. Az S 350 U benefits include:

  • Low lifecycle costs

  • Rapid implementation of customer requirements

  • Easy to modify and extend systems

  • Low maintenance and repair requirements

  • Small space requirements

  • High availability

  • Fault tolerant evaluation of the pulse count signals

  • Fail-safe computer on the basis of the well-proven Simis® principle

  • No need for air conditioning

  • Adaptable to existing power supply systems