Level Crossings


Siemens offers a complete solution from barrier machine, controller and axle counter to provide a safe and reliable solution to meeting the challenge of increasing protection at the road rail interface.

Simis LC: Simis LC is a high-availability, modular level-crossing protection system. It can easily be adapted to the conditions of individual level crossings and customer-specific requirements. Simis LC is the versatile solution for operators of main-line and industrial railways, secondary lines and light-rail transit systems.

Sim 6/13 - Barrier Drive: The simple, compact, modular design of the electromechanical barrier drive, equipped with a DC motor, is housed in an aluminium housing and mounted on a hot-galvanised steel stand.

The entire functional component consists of circuitry, drive unit, boom bearing assembly and barrier boom. It can be easily adapted to different functional requirements of level crossing systems.

The Sim 6/13 Barrier Drive is suitable for use in all main line and mass transit networks, as well as light rail and industrial services. Its flexible design covers all known country-specific requirements for control and energy supply.