GSM-R Applications


Driver advisory system

The Siemens GSM-R Driver Advisory System (DAS) is an application which makes use of under-utilised, on-board asset. It employs both the cab radio and the driver display panel, expanding the existing on board cab radio to provide real time guidance to train drivers about optimum route speed and driving approach. Siemens has developed a specific algorithm for DAS which ensures that the train arrives on time and at the optimum energy efficiency. The algorithm uses both static inputs (such as timetable and route data), and dynamic information which is taken from the GPS (location and time). It has the potential to drive operational efficiencies, improve performance and reduce costs. Although currently a standalone system, Siemens continues to extend its development into a connected DAS system.

Remote condition monitoring

The Siemens Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) application uses the existing Siemens on-train equipment and does not interfere with the operation of the railway system. The existing GSM-R cab radio is expanded through the fitment of an accelerometer processor card. This, together with software to capture and analyse data, is able to accurately detect the condition of the track. Data is pre-processed on board and results are transmitted to the ground over a GSM-R radio link to a ground-based system PC. The ground-based system PC is kept in a secure location with a LAN/WAN connection to an appropriate intelligent infrastructure system. The PC receives potential defect information from all trains on the network and analyses the reports. Reports are sent via the intelligent infrastructure system to maintenance staff to take appropriate action.

Cab radio remote management terminal

The Siemens Cab Radio Remote Management Terminal (CRMT-100) provides the facility for cab radio application software and data to be remotely managed from a ground system enabling direct communication with the cab radio from anywhere within GSM-R coverage through a circuit switched data call. The CRMT-100 consists of a Windows-based PC incorporating a 2W radio module and the cab radio management software application. It presents the user with an intuitive interface with menu based options. It allows software and phonebooks to be uploaded / updated on the cab radio remotely. Inventory information may be obtained and cab radio fault logs viewed. A scheduler enables operations to be performed on a number of cab radios in turn with the results of the uploads being recorded in the CRMT-100 database. Future enhancements include performing management operations on up to 6 cab radios simultaneously and providing a fully featured scheduler, data base and support for all relevant Portable Maintenance Unit (PMU) functions.