GSM-R terminals on the ground

FDT-310 (Fixed Dispatcher Terminal)

Siemens provides a complete range of fixed and wireless GSM-R dispatcher terminal solutions complimented by our railway PABX and controller server.

Touch screen technology offers a simple way of operating the dispatcher.

Fully compliant with the EIRENE specifications, the Siemens dispatcher terminal provides the flexibility to include railway-specific functionality beyond the EIRENE standard.

RDT-200 (Radio Dispatcher Terminal)

Designed for locations where fixed line communication is not available or not easy to install, the Siemens RDT-200 radio dispatcher provides an easy to use solution aiding communication between vehicles and personnel for: low traffic lines; seasonal lines; line upgrades; temporary dispatching requirements and major refurbishments.

The RDT-200 Radio Dispatcher ofers a cost effective solution, providing the dispatcher with communication capability in any location that has GSM-R coverage withou the need for implementing or leasing a costly fixed network infrastructure. It offers dispatcher facilities without the need for integration with the existing dispatcher system infrastructure.

Controller Server

The GSM-R controller server (CS) is designed to provide centralised support for the dispatcher terminals, allowing configuration and monitoring of their status and access to centralised services such as: SMS text messaging and train location information from train tracking systems.

The controller server also takes care of the critical function of dispatcher terminal role management, ensuring that the right dispatcher always has the right information.

The cab radio management server that allows over the air software upgrades of the GSM-R cab radios, removing the need for costly onboard upgrades.

Siemens Convergence Creators

Siemens Convergence Creators GSM-R Dispatcher is a comprehensive, feature-rich, highly reliable and scalable dispatching solution, based on a multi-technology and multi-vendor platform. It is fully compliant with EIRENE and MORANE standards and built specifically for distributed controller positions in the railway environment. Thanks to its high availability and flexible architecture, it efficiently manages the complete voice and text messaging communication between control centers and field staffs, such as drivers, track workers and shunters.

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