Support Services & Training

Siemens lifetime support ensures the customer will receive the level of service required for the life of the product, wherever they are in the world.

Our GSM-R portfolio is designed and manufactured at our factory in Poole (UK), allowing us to support our equipment thoroughly, with in-house expert knowledge. We support our customers with services that can be designed to meet the specific project requirements, which are essential to maintaining system functionality. Our services can be made available wherever you are in the world, through the Siemens global presence, for the lifetime of your project.

We offer two core repair services, Return to Base (RTB) and Advanced Replacement (ARS). We supply our repair services in conjunction with a Technical Support Service (TSS) to provide a complete support package.

We also offer various GSM-R training options that can be arranged through our support department.

Return to Base Repair Service (RTB)

Equipment is returned to Siemens (Poole, UK) for diagnostics and repair. After the required repairs have taken place and all appropriate tests carried out, the repaired unit is returned to the customer. The following are key features of the service:

  • Unlimited number of repairs and associated costs are covered

  • A specific turn-around-time is defined, ensuring timely return of your equipment

  • Failure reports are provided

  • The customer controls their own stock of spare equipment

Advanced Replacement Service (ARS)

On receipt of a report of a defective product, we will send a functional product from the customer's buffer stock, stored at Siemens (Poole, UK). The defective product is returned to Siemens for diagnostics and repair. The repaired product is then used to replenish the customer's buffer stock. The following are key features of the service:

  • A much faster turn-around-time than with RTB

  • Unlimited number of repairs and associated costs are covered

  • A specific turn-around-time is defined, ensuring timely return of your equipment

  • Siemens controls buffer stock on behalf of the customer

Technical Support Service (TSS)

We offer a comprehensive technical support service for our various products from our offices (Poole, UK). We ensure GSM-R experts are available to provide support in the event of equipment fault or technical issue/query. Our service includes the following:

  • 24/7 technical support logging

  • Answering of technical issues within UK office hours

  • Response times defined on a priority basis

  • Obsolescence monitoring

  • Supply of various reports

Obsolescence Monitoring:

We manage obsolescence of all our components used in the design and manufacture of our products. Identifying alternative components as ‘like for like’ replacements, or carrying out last time buys, and actively managing the supply chain ensuring a lifetime of operation.


Being an in-house manufacturer we carry out all repairs at our site and therefore can provide detailed fault reports and trend analysis. This includes:

Quarterly Reporting

  • Summary of technical questions and their status over the previous period

  • Current status of returned product(s) over the period

Six Monthly Reporting

  • Statistical trend analysis and recommendations for fault and no fault found reduction where applicable

  • Obsolescence issues, if applicable

  • Updated roadmaps, if applicable

We place great emphasis on the need to have expert engineering skills available to offer support to our customers. Our Technical Support is complemented by our returns services, providing a comprehensive care package, ensuring all problems that arise can be dealt with in a professional, informed and prompt manner.


Siemens offers a wide range of first-class training courses designed to cover the complete range of training needs, from a basic system introduction to first line maintenance. Training is flexible and can be tailored to the customers needs. Training courses we provide include:

  • GSM-R equipment operation

  • Telecoms technology training e.g. EDGE, GPRS, LTE

  • GSM-R principles and features

  • GSM-R 1st line maintenance

  • GSM-R train the trainer

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