A partner for life

Siemens helps its customers' achieve their on-train mobile communications project objectives and always looks for cost effective, resource efficient synergies.

Accompanied by strong customer care ethics founded on understanding its customers’ requirements, Siemens' 20 years experience in mobile communications allows us to reduce whole lifetime costs through; installation design, product support, after sales service and training offerings.

Our approach to installation is one of migration rather than one of complete replacement. Striving, wherever possible, to re-use existing wiring; connectors; components and offer an upgrade system when considering viable migration solutions.

Working with the Railway Operational Communications Industry Group, Siemens is committed to ensuring maximum return for its customers and seeks to support their investments whilst striving to identify and select future technologies.

As communications technology evolves, and the railways adapt, Siemens will be at the forefront to meet those demands making sure its customers receive the level of support they require for the next 25 years.

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