Desiro City

The movement of high volumes of passengers with frequent, irregular stops on diverse routes calls for a train that combines service-proven technology with ultramodern equipment. Meet a proven platform concept that features innovations from the next generation: the Desiro City. Each market has its own special requirements. In the UK train operators and commuters face a multitude of challenges: Commuter trains have to network suburbs and interurban regions conveniently as well as deliver fast, punctual and efficient inner-city services. Passenger volumes continue to increase while at the same time the impact on both the infrastructure and the environment needs to be reduced. This calls for flexible, innovative systems that enable improved utilisation of existing resources – proven systems:

  • with high availability and reliability

  • that ensure profitable and cost-effective operations

  • that offer increased cost effectiveness for operators

  • that are specifically developed for the UK commuter market

Building on the global success of the Desiro trains, Siemens Mobility has developed a new platform concept, the Desiro City, for light rail transit, regional, and interregional traffic in the United Kingdom (UK). This new generation of vehicles are environmentally friendly and feature maximum flexibility, passenger safety, and comfort. The lightweight construction of the train and the bogies combined with an intelligent vehicle control system reduce the total energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared with its predecessors.