Desiro UK

Desiro UK is Siemens train family for Great Britain.

Desiro UK trains have been adapted to the particular requirements of the British network with its high-density railway lines and specific 'Safety Case' requirements. They can be reliably operated throughout the entire network, running equally well on electrified lines with 750 V DC or 25 kV AC power supplies as on the non-electrified lines with diesel traction.

The units have an excellent track record for on time delivery and are proving to be very popular with passengers and operators alike. They are safe, comfortable and very reliable.

The 279-strong fleet of Desiro UK trains have achieved over 100 million miles in passenger service. The fleet of class 350s, 360s, 360/2s, 185s, 450s and 444s trains travel across the UK rail network from Weymouth on the south coast up to Glasgow in Scotland with the following operators: London Midland, National Express East Anglia, Heathrow Express, First TransPennine Express and South West Trains.