Reading and Coding

Postal services are faced with the challenge every day – getting millions of mail pieces delivered on time. The necessary information for the processing is contained in the address found on every mail piece, or in the bar code. Our core competence is the fast and reliable extraction of information from the addresses and bar codes for sorting purposes.

For the processing of the heterogeneous mixture of mail, we have developed a homogeneous family of reading products and systems. Building on standard software modules, they are geared to the specific characteristics of each type of mail so that optimal processing rates are ensured. Every further sorting step is child`s play. Outward or inward sorting – the ID code determines the direction.

If the address cannot be read automatically, our video coding systems creates image of the address and our coding operators key the delivered information into the system. The video coding process can take place on-line or off-line, on site or off site. Our "Interactive Video Coding" even allows the coding operator to work together with the automatic reader. For the reading of linear and two-dimensional bar codes a broad range of bar code readers with excellent reading results is available.

ARTread – The Art of Reading

ARTread, the comprehensive recognition toolbox, sets a new benchmark concerning speed and flexibility. It is the one solution for all mail types. It features highest reading performance, investment protection and access to profitable new services.

No matter whether the address is printed or handwritten, written in Latin, Cyrillic, or Arabic, ARTread can recognize the language and read the address.

ARTread – Mail-Forwarding without detours

Based on ARTread the forwarding mail will be auto-matically identified and intercepted as early as possible, in the outward mail center where it is processed first. This makes mail redirection more reliable and standardized. To be precise: Forwarding times can get shortened from days to hours. The result: Significantly improved quality of service, reduced operational costs and new value-added services for your customers.

CLSC3000 – Image lift

CLSC3000 makes grey and color image capture with only one device possible. Thanks to high resolution image lift, it can generate 256 dpi grey level images and 96 dpi color images. Its scan speed is variable with a maximum of 4.1 m/s. The scan height is 185 mm – including B5 format.

ORCA – The Open Reading Coding Architecture

ORCA is the system platform for highly scalable and fault-tolerant reading and video coding applications and a result of 20 years of experience in more than 20 countries. It allows for optimized usage of reading/coding resources, provides high system availability and makes flexible system extendibility possible. Efficient management and reduced maintenance efforts are additional benefits.

ORCA – Flex Video Coding

ORCA Flex Video Coding is a new Video Coding approach which allows for full flexibility in coding: It is non hierarchical and doesn't follow any specific coding rules. Data entry is processed in arbitrary order.

Hybrid Voice Coding

Siemens HybridVoice is a combination of speech recognition and OCR that combines the operator’s voice recognition results at the infeed section with ARTread OCR recognition results. This innovative technology results in high-end read rates which are usually known in barcode reading only. Open Reading coding with the performance of Bar Code Reading makes video coding obsolete and reduced manual effort extremely.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Elimination of Video Coding

  • Decrease in machinery footprint

  • Improved throughput

The Learning Directory – Address reader extension

The reading performance strongly depends on the quality of the postal directory. The Learning Directory is an address reader extension for automatic address updating. It can identify new address elements frequently occurring on mail and not existing in the current database and continuously updates the directory.

Parcel Suite

Parcel Suite is the complete solution for parcels, bundles and restmail. It automatically identifies and reads sorting information like barcodes and 2-codes, the recipient and sender address as well as the customer's logo.

Parcel Suite provides length, width, height and the box volume, certified against international standard (OIML) or noncertified. The result is revenue recovery with certified dimensioning and optimized load planning.

In addition, Parcel Suite contains an image archive including the related data because image storage is extremely helpful for evidence purposes, and, at the same time, offers new services for your customers.