Postal Automation

Postal Automation is a matter of bringing mail from sender to recipient – quickly, reliably and economically. The Infrastructure Logistics Division of Siemens AG is the leading supplier of complete automation solutions that work for the world of postal services.

Parcel Sorting

The volume of parcels and packages is continously on the rise. Therefore, efficient solutions are needed for sorting parcels and delivering them to customers. To enable this, our experts create sophisticated concepts for entire parcel sorting centers – and help you optimize material flow through your sorting center with intra-logistics solutions.

Reading and Coding

Postal services are faced with the same challenge every day – ensuring that millions of pieces of mail are delivered on time. The necessary information for their processing is included either in the address found on each individual piece of mail or in the bar code. Our core competence is the fast and reliable extracation of information for sorting purposes.

Sorting Machines

Our systems cover the whole mail processing chain, from pre-sorting to sequencing. For each of these steps, we provide excellent and proven technology featuring the highest throughput and availability - to help you master your future challenges.

Logistics Software

Logistics Software specializes in the development and imple-mentation of software solutions for postal and logistics services. These systems are efficient, reliable and profitable – and will remain so for many more years to come.